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Our Missionaries

Hello Word of Life,

     We train and equip Christian leaders around the world through Nation-2-Nation Christian
University, a video-based ministry training center we helped develop. Our Local Training Program is
used by students who form a school and study together. Our Online school facilitates students who
want to study individually. As of July 2019, we have ministry schools in 32 countries with 8000 current
students and 2500 who have been awarded Associates or Bachelor degrees.

Over 80% of pastors in the developing world have never been trained. The general
superintendant of one denomination in Kenya told us that it had taken 80 years to train 1000 pastors,
but using N2NCU, they were able to train 2000 in just 6 years; as a result, their denomination grew from
3100 churches to 5536 churches. As he says, “Churches grow when you give them education and tools.”
We also provide extensive education in community development. Our students have started
experimental farms, demonstrated practical techniques for livestock care, shared life-saving health and
hygiene principles, and started micro businesses that employ hundreds of people in their communities.
From the poorest farmers to generals and members of parliament, N2NCU students in the developing
world are learning that they can be change agents as they advance beyond the walls of their churches to
meet the spiritual and practical needs of their neighbors.

We are meeting the demands of 21 st century missions—training and equipping Christian leaders
around the world so they can mobilize their congregations to reach their own countries for Christ.
We graduated from Christ for the Nations, Dallas, in 1990, and we have bachelor degrees from
Covenant Theological Seminary, North Carolina. We have been full-time missionaries with World
Indigenous Missions, headquartered in New Braunfels, Texas, since 1990. We spent 13 years, church
planting in Mexico, and since 2004 we have been “stationed” in south Texas, serving national church
leaders around the world.

Our five daughters all serve in our local church and contribute to our ministry. Heather has
served with Youth with a Mission, six months in the UK and Eastern Europe and three months in Athens,
working with Syrian refugees. Anna and her husband Cody served for three months in Japan and now
are full-time missionaries with World Indigenous Missions, working beside us with N2NCU.


-John, Joann, Anna, Heather, Michelle, Jamie, and Rachel Hawkins

Contact Information:
Phone: Joann 956.357.3086
John 956.245.0465


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World Missions

    •  Gerald Dollar (Ukraine)

    •  Bryan Burr (Kenya)

    •  Glenn Garrison (Philippines)

    •  Jason Parnell (Bosnia)

    •  Robert LaFon (Technology/El Salvador)

    •  Sheree Moon (Philippines)

    •  Kenneth Morris (Scotland)

    •  Marel Lee Morris (Latvia)

    •  Sharon Reeves (Germany)

    •  Jerry Robets (Latvia)

    •  Steve Skipper (Argentina)

    •  Bob Sullivan (India)

    •  Nick Wilson (South Africa)

    •  Kirby Jennings

    •  John Saenz (Asia)

    •  Jim Wood (Eastern Europe)

    •  Speed the Light

    •  S. India Junnar Boy's Home

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