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John & Joann Hawkins

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Hello Word of Life!

Through Christ-centered, biblical education, we work to equip, train, and empower Christian leaders to draw people to faith in Christ while breaking cycles of poverty and sickness. Together, we are building up a church that “goes” into all the world.


Jesus said, “The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few.” (Luke 10:2) There are over 200 million Christians in the United States, over 2 billion in the world. The workers are no longer few. But they are untrained.  Only 5% of pastoral leaders in the world are trained for ministry. Pastoral health is connected to church health, which is connected to community and national health. We aim to meet that need.


With degrees from Christ for the Nations and Covenant Theological Seminary, we have been full-time missionaries with World Indigenous Missions since 1990. After 13 years church planting in Mexico, we are currently stationed in south Texas, partnering with Nation-2-Nation Ministries. We helped establish Nation-2-Nation Christian University (N2NCU), which is the tool we use to train Christian leaders around the world.


We have ministry schools in more than 50 countries. The general superintendent of one denomination in Kenya told us that it had taken 80 years to train 1000 pastors, but using N2NCU, they were able to train 2000 in just 6 years; as a result, their denomination grew from 3100 churches to 5536 churches, adding over one million believers to the kingdom of God. As he says, “Churches grow when you give them education and tools.”


We also provide extensive education in community development. Our students have started

experimental farms, demonstrated practical techniques for livestock care, shared life-saving health and hygiene principles, and started micro businesses that employ hundreds of people in their communities. From the poorest farmers to generals and members of parliament, N2NCU students in the developing world are learning that they can be change agents as they advance beyond the walls of their churches to meet the spiritual and practical needs of their neighbors.


Missions has always been the heart of our family. Our five daughters and two sons-in-law serve in our local church and contribute to missions. Heather and Rachel have served with Youth with a Mission in the UK and Eastern Europe, as well as Greece and Egypt. Besides working with her husband, who is the youth pastor of our local church, Anna serves N2N as the director of publishing. Michelle is our director of marketing and outreach, and her husband works for N2N in post editing. Jamie works with N2N as an administrative assistant in publishing.


We gave our lives to Christ at Word of Life, and you have been part of our journey through the years. Your love, support, and friendship has meant the world to us as we have shared the love of Christ to the world.


Financial support can be given through Word of Life or online at


For information and testimonies about our work with N2N go to


For information about how YOU can be trained and equipped for ministry go to



Contact Information:


Phone: Joann 956.357.3086

John 956.245.0465

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Missions & Ministries 

US Missions/Ministries

    •  Pleasant Hills Children's Home

    •  Connection Tour - Bluebonnet

    •  American Indian Bible College

    •  Southwestern A/G University

    •  Fellowship Partner's Offering

    •  Pregnancy Help Center

    •  Kairos Prison Ministry

    •  Christians in Action

    •  Fullness In Christ

    •  Rock of Israel

World Missions

    •  John & Joann Hawkins (World Indigenous Missions

    •  Bob Sullivan (Peace International - India)

    •  Bethel A/G (Blessed to Bless)

    •  Mexico Missions (Toys for Kids)  

    •  Speed the Light

    •  Rock of Isreal

    •  BGMC

General Council of the Assemblies of God

 Robert LaFon (AGWM Admin.)

•  Steve Skipper (Latin America)

•  Brandy Wilson (Int'l Ministry)

•  Sharon Reeves (Germany)

 Gerald Dollar (Ukraine)

 Bryan Burr (Kenya)

•  Jason Morris (Asia)

•  India Outreach

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