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our mission

Our Mission

Upward in Worship

     Our response to God's greatness and majesty is to worship Him. This should be a daily attitude and practice for all believers, but

     there is also great value in joining with other believers to corporately worship God.


Inward in Community 

     While corporate worship of God is important, building solid, lasting relationships with others is vital to the life of a Christian. This

     is best done in a more intimate setting through small groups. There we can read, study, and discuss the Bible, as well as, pray and

     care for one another (Galatians 6:2). These relationships will make for stronger, more mature disciples of Christ as we grow



Outward in Evangelism

     The mission of God is that none perish and spend eternity apart from Him (2 Peter 3:9). He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to seek out

     those who are apart from Him and give them an opportunity to receive salvation through His atoning death on the cross (Luke

     19:10). Jesus established His Church (Matthew 16:15-18) to continue the work of reaching people far from God with the gospel that

     directs them to God (Matthew 28:19-20). Word of Life is part of that mission. We are a church within the Church. Our mission is to

     reach out to those who are hurting, lost, and far from God in order to help them find God and receive salvation.

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