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What Did You Expect?

February 28, 2021

Pastor David Smith
Matthew 11:7-13

Word for Word

February 28, 2021

I tell you to guard your heart, for out of it flows the wellspring of many waters. I want a living, healing, loving stream to flow from you into this world. Don’t let your heart become hardened by man-made wounds. Allow Me to pour the Balm of softening, healing, and purifying Oil deeply into the innermost parts of your soul!  Holding on to hurt and disappointment closes you off from My awesome Blessings . . . THEN opens you up to sickness, disease, distractions, and despair. Satan only gives you enough truth to cause doubt in the powerful and pure Word I have prepared and made available for you! Stop listening to the enemy’s declaration of right and wrong, and start being restored through My Holy Spirit. You must guard your heart from all unrighteousness. I say, once again, GUARD YOUR HEART!

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