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His Preeminence

September 13, 2020

Pastor David Smith
Colossians 1:12-22

Word for Word

September 13, 2020

Are you safe and sound, feeling confident that all is well, no matter what you may be facing? Your security is in Me and Me alone. When people fail you and life seems to collapse all around, stay focused and fastened to My unfailing Love and Peace that goes beyond human understanding. Check the records . . . I’ve shut lion’s mouths, insulated some Hebrew boys in a fiery furnace, fed Angel’s food to the hungry in the wilderness, opened up dry ground in the middle of a great sea, and raised the dead back to life!! Why are you so concerned about your problems? Trust Me, dear one, and stop turning and running away at the first sight of something new or more enticing. Remain faithful, through the storm, and become that help and encouragement to those around you. Plant seeds of faith and strength where you are. Be safe, sound, AND unmovable through the storm!

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