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Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

January 17, 2021

Pastor David Smith
John 14:1-7

Word for Word

January 16, 2021

Never give up! Hold on to your promises and declare them as if they are already done. Living in doubt never brings change and only produces a double minded spirit. Resist that ungodly, life stealing mindset, then believe what I decree as TRUTH. There are lives that hang in the balance, waiting for someone to reach out, extend mercy, and bring them to safety. Search for the prodigals, be aware of those around you, and stay ready to welcome them home. Many are simply waiting for someone to give them Truth and show compassion. There’s no better time, than now, to find, and extend My Love to the lost. You are dwelling in the days of great revival and yet, a great falling away. Catch those who are falling and never give up!!

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