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The Sower

April 11, 2021

Pastor David Smith
Matthew 13:18-23

Word for Word

April 11, 2021

Rest in the Blessed Assurance that My Grace and Mercy cover you and your path is lit-up with My Word! Your part, in this miraculous gift, is to receive and trust Me no matter what. Your days are in My hands and the breath you breathe is only another gift I have extended to you. Why hold anything back from Me, when I've given it all to you? Simply come to the realization that there is SO much more. Treasures are waiting to be opened and used for My Glory and your good! This is the perfect day to start enjoying the greatness of My goodness. Do yourself a favor and open ALL the gifts I've made ready for you. Living any other way, than Blessed, is your decision to do so. Get up and start opening your gifts and use them with excitement and anointing. Don't be intimidated by what lies ahead...for I AM guiding you to the treasures of Heaven on earth!

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