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How Shall We Live?

Romans 1:16-17

Pastor Gaynell Smith
May 8, 2022
Word for Word (5).jpg

Word for Word

May 15, 2022

Walking the road of passion and promise is not always easy. Know that whatever you suffer for My sake never goes without great reward! The seemingly worst of times are most positively setting the stage to display My best. Don't run away and hide out when circumstances deny you earthly comforts or man's accolades. You are here, at this moment and this hour in history, to bring My purpose to the lost and eternal life to the dying. Just because your plans are deposed for a moment in time does not mean they are finished, unprofitable, or misplaced. My timing and My purpose prevail over all people, places, or things. YOU WIN . . .  BECAUSE I HAVE ALREADY WON! So, rejoice and be glad in this day that I made for you!!