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Pastor David Smith

January 22, 2023


Word for Word

January 22, 2023

Speak faith not fear, unity not discord, rest not turmoil, and health not sickness. You were created for My good pleasure and I Love you So much more than you can comprehend or imagine. I had obedient co-authors write My Holy Inspired Word and I have preserved It though-out the ages. Why would you want to ignore such a powerful weapon by not using It daily to combat evil and bring forth life and goodness? This awesome tool gives ways and means to thrive beyond a mediocre, ordinary, uninspired life and then become exceptional, excellent and superior over the ways and means of the world's system. Go ahead and take back what's been stolen, given away, or forsaken. THEN, start living above and not below, as the head and not the tail . . .  saved, healed, delivered and free! SPEAK MY WORD AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!

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