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Keep Believing 

Matthew 15:21-28

Pastor David Smith
June 6, 2021
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Word for Word

June 6, 2021

Stay focused and alert as you come into a time of renewal and restructuring. Your faithfulness is about to be rewarded, as your righteous acts set you up for greatness. What seems little, I will bless and cause to increase. Deliberately stay secure in My will! I command My angels to stand guard and protect your steps into new territory. You are to be the head, not the tail, and blessed, to be a blessing! Wherever your heart is, there you will see My glory and prosper in word and deed. Make sure your heart is Mine and not tangled up in this world's system! Break ties from evil and become infused with My Spirit. Mighty will be the power and love you possess through Me! Stay focused and alert. A great shift is taking place!