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The "Wicked" Trio

January 12, 2020

Pastor David Smith

Word for Word

January 12, 2020

You have heard and read that you are to bring forth Praise into the atmosphere. Do you think your praise transfers more power, prosperity, and joy to ME? When you make the choice to get your thoughts off yourself or your agenda with Praise and Thanksgiving, you are helping yourself! If you are suffering lack, Praise ME and give! If you are sick, Praise ME and receive your healing! If your life is a mess, deliver up a Praise to bring down your miracle! Praising ME is FOR you!! When you lift up Praise to ME through songs, dance, instruments, or acts of love and kindness, I open up the Windows of Heaven to pour out Blessings beyond belief! Do yourself a favor and Praise ME in ALL you do, ALL you say, and ALL you are!!