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Sermons at Word of Life

Sermons at Word of Life are powerful messages from God given by our Lead Pastor David Smith.

Every Sunday morning the congregation is challenged to go deeper with the Lord

through the reading of scripture, prayer, and a relevant message from God.

Word for Word

"Word for Word" was something that Gaynell Smith never planned or expected.

About 5 or 6 years ago, she started writing down what she thought God was sharing with her

and continued to enjoy it as a personal blessing. 


Then one day she shared something she had written with one of the members of the

congregation, Pam Parks. After Pam had heard what God had given Gaynell, she thought it

necessary for Gaynell to be sharing what God had given her so others could be blessed by what

God was saying. So one Sunday morning, Gaynell got up enough nerve to read one of the "Words"

God had given her and from then on, it has taken on a life of its own though the Spirit.

Through this ministry that God has graciously allowed Gaynell to be apart of,

many people ALL over the world have been encouraged and had their faith renewed. 

For the current Word for Word, please click on "Current Message".

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