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prayer directives

Prayer Directives

October 2017

Word of Life Church – Revival

Father God, because You care for Your people and want all mankind to have life, You desire Revival. Your Revival brings life and nourishment, preservation and restoration. Thank You for sending Jesus to give us Your abundant life. Lord, start Revival in each church member. We are Your servants, and we place ourselves in position to receive Revival. Holy Spirit of God, You raised Jesus from the dead and You dwell in us, so, we yield to You to energize our spirits, restore our souls and rejuvenate our mortal bodies. We renew our mind with Your Word. In our innermost being is a well of living water and we are revived! Revival not only is life to us, but life to everyone who calls on the Name of The LORD. Therefore, we intercede on behalf of the people. We call upon You in the mighty Name of Jesus. All of mankind needs revival because it is life—Your life. Pour Yourself out on the people. We pray that the Lord of the harvest will send forth laborers, positioning them in strategic places to minister as You pour out Your Spirit on all flesh. Almighty God, show Yourself mighty and strong with signs , wonders, and miracles. We pray this in the Name above all names, Jesus. Amen.

Pastors David and Jason Smith, Dan Springer (and anyone else that needs healing in their body)

Father, we come boldly before Your throne to obtain grace to help in time of need. We have confidence in Your Word, and take hold of Your promises to heal our pastors, teachers, and leaders. We speak with our mouth and believe in our hearts that they are healed of all sickness and disease. Your Word says that Jesus bore all our sickness and diseases, and He carried our sorrows (pain). We know and declare that Jesus is our/their Healer. We give You all the praise for providing everything they need to walk in wholeness. Thank You for satisfying them with long life. Satan, we declare to you in the Name of Jesus that you have no authority over Pastors David and Jason Smith, Dan Springer. In the name of Jesus, we bind you from operating against them in any way. Their lives are hidden in Christ.

Now Father, we worship You. We give You reverence. We confess with our mouths that Your Word will not return void. We praise You for Your protection and for Your goodness upon Pastors David and Jason Smith, Dan Springer. We thank You that Satan is unable to penetrate that. Thank You for bringing total healing to them. Your Word says whatever we ask in the Name of Jesus will be done, so we declare this is done. In the mighty name of Jesus, Amen. 

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